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Menu elements - File


Creates new project. By choosing this menu item the audio properties of the new project are to be set in a new dialogue window: number of audio channels, sample rate and bit resolution. Number of audio channels is usually set either to 1 - mono, or to 2 - stereo. Setting the number of the audio channels more then 2 will noticeably increase the file size, is in most cases unnecessary and can have as a result that your audio card won't play this file. Sample rate determines the frequency range you can record in the project. The more sample rate is, the wider the bandwidth, but the bigger is file size. Sample rate 44100 Hz allows to record sounds with frequencies up to 44100/2 = 22050 Hz, that covers whole human audible spectrum. Bit resolution determines dynamic range of the project (that is, how many nuances of the original sound you save). Bit resolution is usually set to 16 bit, it's enough for recording the most of audible nuances. Be aware, that not all audio cards supports bit resolution greater then 16 bit. The greater bit resolution, the bigger file size.


Opens a saved audio file.


Saves the project to disk with the current file name and file format.

Save as...

Is similar to "Save", but you will need to specify a file format and file name.

Save selection

Saves only selected fragment, not the whole recording.

Change sample rate

Changes the sample rate of the current project.

Change bit resolution

Changes bit resolution of the current project.

Close file

Closes current project and asks for saving changes if they were done.
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