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Menu elements - Deformation

Set speed

Allows to decrease and increase playback speed of the track. Uses either a simple algorithm or the timbre-preserving algorithm. The simple algorithm is similar to slowed or speeded up vinyl disc playback.

Set volume

Increases or decreases the volume level of the file.

Normalize volume

Increases volume of the file to the maximum level whithout occuring distortion.

Fade In

Gradual increase in volume from zero level at the selection start point till maximum level at the selection end point.

Fade Out

The opposite of Fade In


Adds an echo effect.


Adds reverberation. Usually used to simulate a variety of room environments. In the program is used a simplified algorithm of the effect.

Add brain waves

The processed audio file affects the brain in a certain way. Can be used for effectiveness increase of teaching audio material, for auto-suggestion aims, as help for insomnia etc. Binaural beats are only possible in stereo audio files, so if the file to process is non-stereo, it will be automatically converted to stereo. An essential condition of effective influence of the audio files with binaural beats is listening to them through the stereo headphones.

Circular sound

Adds an effect of the circulating of the sound source. Most distinct listening through the stereo headphones. Only possible for stereo audio files, so if the file is non-stereo, it will be automatically converted to stereo. 1 sec. long channel rotation is a good ear-training.

Frequency equalizer

Allows to adjust level of specific frequency bands. Can be used for weakening and cutting of undesirable sounds.

Frequency filter

Cuts specified frequency bands in a selection.

Offset frequency spectrum

Changes values of all frequencies with a specified shift. E.g. if the file has a 300 Hz signal after shifting value set to - 50Hz this signal will be 250 Hz.

Stretch frequency spectrum

Multiplies all frequencies by specified amount. E.g. after stretching with amount 200% a 230 Hz signal will be 460 Hz. This effect can be used for changing voice timbre.


Sets playback direction from the end to the beginning.


Inverts audio phase by 180 degrees. It is of no interest in itself and is used for creating other effects, e.g. for voice reduction/cutting.
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