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Basic technics - Affecting the brain

"AudioDeformator Pro" allows to process any audio file in a way, that it will affect the brain in certain way. This is done by function " Add brain waves". Choosing this function will open a new dialog window, where you will have to cpecify required frequency. Below are recommendations to choose frequency values depending on the required result.

Processing teaching audio material

Suppose, you have an audio material explaining e.g. the theory of the origin of live on Earth. It's necessary, that the brain is concentrated and there is no distraction during listening. In this case the frequency 8-14 Hz is the best. Begin with beta-rhythm frequency 12-15 Hz and end with alpha-rhythm frequency 8-10 Hz. Select 3 minutes at the beginning of the file and process the selection with 15 Hz. Next 3 minutes with 12 Hz. Next 2 minutes with 10 Hz and the rest with 8 Hz.

Foreign language study

If an audio file contents information, which only has to be remembered and not analysed (e.g. a set of words of foreign language), this file has to be processed with 6 Hz. Processing with that frequency allows to weaken the conscious part of the brain and to make remembering better.

Creating auto-suggestion aims

Frequency of 4 Hz is ideal for noncritical acceptance of external aims, because this rhythm switches off mental defense mechanisms and makes transforming information get deeply to consciousness. I.e. behaviour- or relation-changing messages to get to subconsciousness without critical evaluation of consciousness are to be processed with theta-rhythm frequency 4 Hz.

Help for insomnia

Make an audiofile with approxomate length of 25 minutes containing nice songs or music. Process the first 5 minutes with frequency 10 Hz. Next 5 minutes with 7 Hz. Next 10 minutes with 3 Hz. The last 5 minutes with 1 Hz. Also make Fade Out for the last 5 minutes. Listen to the processed file through the headphones laying in bed or in a cosy chair before going to bed.

An essential condition of effective influence of the audio files with binaural beats is listening to them through the stereo headphones.

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